How do I OP myself and other players?

Being an OP (or an operator) on your Minecraft grants you full permissions over everything in-game. By default, there are no operators set up on your server when you first purchase. 

Before you can OP yourself and other players, you'll first need to be logged into your control panel.
Once you're logged in, just follow these simple steps - 

1. On the far left side of the control panel page, click and go into the server Console. 
2. You'll see a text box above the console where you can enter commands. In this box, simply type "op username", without quotes, replacing 'username' with the Minecraft username of the person you are trying to make OP. Example: typing "op Notch" into the console, without the quotes, would make Notch an OP. 
3. Press the "send" button, or simply press Enter to send the command to the server. 

The console should return with a reply similar to "[Server] INFO CONSOLE: Opped Notch". 

Important: Please be sure that you fully trust anyone you grant this privilage to as they will have full control over anything in game. 
Mineocity Hosting is not resonsible for anything damaged by users who are granted this permission.

If you have any trouble with this or anything else, please reach out to our support team! 
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