How do I schedule automatic restarts?

Server restarts are a great way to keep your server running smoothly. Having many plugins and mods will slow down even the most powerful and largest servers as they continually write data and use RAM.

Login to your Multicraft panel
2) Go to "Advanced" > “Scheduled tasks” > “New Task”
Name: Restart
Status: Scheduled
Scheduled time: 00:00 the next day
Interval: 8 hours (recommended)
Command: Restart
Arguments: Ignore
Run for: Server
This will restart your server every 8 hours.

In order to warn other people about a restart, follow this guide:

1) Login to your Multicraft panel
2) Go to "Advanced" > “Scheduled tasks” > “New Task”
Name: RestartMsg1min
Status: Scheduled
Scheduled time: 23:59 the same day (or 1 minute before the restart)
Interval: 8 hours (or the same interval as your restart)
Command: Admin Say
Arguments: Scheduled restart in 1 minute! (or your own message)
Run for: Server
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