How to Use Custom .jar Files on Your Server with Multicraft

This article will be going over the steps you will need to take to use custom minecraft jars on your Multicraft server. These jars are useful for adding modpacks that are not currently available in our one click modpack installer. To begin, first login to your servers Multicraft panel and stop your server. Once finished, follow these simple steps:

1: Locate the modpack jar file you wish to upload on your computer (for example "Tekkit.jar").
2: Rename the jar file to "custom.jar" (.jar should be the extension, not the name)
3: Upload the custom.jar file and any mod pack contents to your servers root directory using "FileZilla" and "FTP".

  • If you're unsure on how to use FTP, we have another article explaining the process here:

4: Go to your servers Multicraft starting page and locate "JAR File".
5: Above the "Jar File" option, you will find a drop down menu seen here:

6: Click on it and scroll to the top until you find "! Custom" and click on it.
7: This will have selected your server to run the previously uploaded Custom.jar file.
8: Now simply scroll down the page and push the "Save" button.
9: Congratulations, you have successfully uploaded a custom modpack jar file, which will take affect next time your server is started.

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